Monday, June 6, 2011

New BM Items Coming!

Starting this week Howrse will be releasing the Horn of Gold, and Helio's Ray as well as golden apple coats for donkeys. They’ve also promised a small free surprise to all the players (a Pack of Harmony?)

Helios’ Ray
Allows you to customise the background of your horse. Howrse is proposing a few basic ones and you’ll also be able to find the ones that where submitted by the players.

The Horn of Gold
Allows you to customize the appearance of your Companions. It can only be used via the Pack of Harmony.

The Pack of Harmony
One Apollo’s Lyre, one Golden Apple, one Horn of gold, one unlimited
(This one is a little different from the one bought as a single item, it allows you to change the background of your horse wearing the Harmony Pack as many times as you like!)
Helios’ Ray

Helios’ Ray won’t be compatible with first version Golden Apples, Diamond Apples, Shutterfly Splints, 5th Element coats and Bewitched Pumpkins.

Creation Widget
Instead of the button to see a players’ coats on your profile page, you’ll now have them displayed in a Widget directly on your page. With your Pegasus Account it is possible to remove this widget.

Here are 2 examples of what your horse page could look like in the future:

And the best part is that you can also use the button at the top near your horse’s name to view the full background!

Happy Gaming and thanks for reading!

More Changes!

The Howrse team has come up with one more set of big changes, and right now they’re only giving out a few little hints. These should all be here this week.

The Competitions

* Energy costs :
Show jumping now cost at least 10 points of energy.
Cross country now costs at least 10 points of energy
Barrel racing costs 25% less in energy than it currently does.
* All the competitions will last the same amount of time : 2 Hours
* As a compensation, Show jumping, Barrel Racing and Races will earn you more.
* Rides on sloping ground will also cost less energy to compensate.

When you build your Show Jumping, Cross Country or Dressage courses, you’ll now be able to check the difficulty level directly while sorting your blocks.

When you register a horse in a competition, you’ll only see the competitions in which your horse isn’t been registered yet, so it'll be a lot easier.

The purple EC names for Equestrian Centers housing at least 5 divines will be replaced by a little sun icon in front of your EC’s name.

This is what it’ll look like instead:

For Pegasus account owners the Piece of Cloud pack’s price is going down ! It’ll now cost 5 passes instead of 6 !

And more to come in the future…

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

12 Days of HoP Madness!

From the 24th until the 27th of May 12:00 server time, try your luck and maybe get one of the 4 different Dragons available as pets by opening Horns of Plenty! 100 are also popping up in the flash sales!

All the dragons provide the same bonuses, they just look different.

From the 28th until the 31st of May 12:00 server time, you could get a Croesus in a Horn of Plenty! There may also be a few in the flash sales.

From the 1st until the 4th of June 12:00 server time, opening a Horn of Plenty can win you up to 1 million equus Jackpot to boost your game!

Howrse is going to be changing the HoP so it’s full of bigger & better prizes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Voting Begins!

The Black Pearl voting system is now running! To participate in the voting, go to Community> >Creation Space and you'll see:

Click on your favorite one, and you'll get 50e every time you vote, but you can only vote 20 times a day and you have to have at least 30 days of seniority.

It doesn't matter that much, so don't stress out between three coats you really hate and three you really like. Ow has mentioned that some of the coats that aren't in the top will still be selected for diversity. Admin are also going to pick out their favorites!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flash Sales and new companions!

The Flash Sales are back! If you don't know what they are, they are sales where you can bid on tack, BM items, passes, aging points, and companions. You can access the Sales from your Home Page to the left of your horse where it says: Game News. The companions that are avalible through the Flash Sales are:

Dressage bonus: +2

Until 18 months:
A gain in Genetic Potential for each hour of play

From 20 months until 25 years old:
Winnings for one hour of play: 0.12 skills

Dressage bonus: +10

Until 18 months:
A gain in Genetic Potential for each hour of play

From 20 months until 25 years old:
Winnings for one hour of play: 15 Equus

Dressage bonus: +12

Until 18 months:
A gain in Genetic Potential for each hour of play

From 20 months until 25 years old:
Winnings for one hour of play: 12 Equus

Have fun and good luck!

The Creation Space!

The Black Pearl rules are changing a bit, and you'll "able to use you artistic talents on 3 types of products."

*The horse coats- The Golden Apple
* The Companions- The Horn of Gold
* Backgrounds for the horse's page- Helio's Ray

(Picture provided by Howrse)

The last one is "Donkey" as you may have noticed! If your coat isn't selected, you will not be refunded 2 passes.

**Helios' Ray :

Starting around mid June, you will be able to create personalized backgrounds for the horse's page. Howrse has already made a few as the one displayed below but you will be able to make them yourselves.

(Picture provided by Howrse)

The task boxes go above the background as well as the horse's picture, so avoid putting too much detail that won't show up!

**Horn of Gold

You will need to create a sleeping and awake version of the coat.

**Creation Space

Each month you'll be able to propose your artistic creations. They will then be submitted to the other players for them to vote.
Once the voting session is over the Howrse support staff will select and integrate the most popular ones on the game. The creations that are not selected are refunded.

**Submitting your art work

Submitting a coat costs 2 passes. If your coat doesn't respect the rules (wrong format, photography, presence of a rider, …), you will not be refunded. The aim is to make everyone more responsible of what coats are sent in.

Don't waste your passes and time to create a pegacorn (pegasus unicorn) as they aren't allowed on Howrse.

New background templates:

- companions (Horn of Gold) :

- background (Helios’ Ray) :

- Horse (Golden Apple) :

New creations can be added every month.

(with the exception of May, when the coats are introduced – then all the schedule will be squished into 2 weeks).
  1. 1st – 6th, proposing illustrations
    Use the black pearl to turn in a new artwork.
  2. Validation.
    Howrse team will remove any illustrations that don’t meet the rules.
  3. 11th – 19th Voting
    Players vote for the illustrations they want.
  4. Selection
    The most popular illustrations are selected & sorted by category.
  5. 26th at 7:00 GT
    The top illustrations are published and ready to be used.

Once the voting session is over the creations that are not selected are refunded.

The Creation Space is common to all the language versions of Howrse. That means you’ll be able to put a coat made by a Polish or Brazilian player on your horses. This also means your creations will be available for the players of the other language versions.

Some coats will be available all the time (even if a player deletes his account) and others will be deactivated after a varying amount of uses to become rare coats.

The day when the coat is added to the game, the author will receive passes and equus :

  • 10,000e
  • 50 passes for a Golden Apple coat with no limitation on uses, 25 passes for a coat that does.
  • 25 passes for a Helios’ Ray landscape
  • 15 passes for a Horn of Gold companion coat

Plese Note:

-Ow has mentioned they may put some coats in the system that don’t go through with voting, just to add some more variety to what is going to be available

- Action boxes on a horse's page will hide a part of the background so don't put important details where they are supposed to be.

- The Companions coats available will only be those found in the breeder store against equus so : Swallow, Cat, Rabbit, Monkey and Goat.

- The template for the Companions is cut in two parts as there is a sleeping and an awake state. You must absolutely draw both states with the awake state above the sleeping state. That's very important !!!
- You can now submit donkey coats!

Everything will be added to the game next week.

**What happens to the old coats?

The old golden apple coats stay, and you can still add them to your horses. The creators will still get passes for each use as before. However, the old coats are not compatible with Helios’ Ray. You can now retire old coats after 100 uses instead of 200.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Changes

There have been a few changes to Howrse besides the new companions (which you can learn more about by reading the post above!):


There have been a few small changes to the pop-up boxes around Howrse.


You can now search for tack in the sales.

You can search for companions as well, including one not yet released in the store; the squirrel.

Your horse

The layout has been shifted a bit to make room for the companions.

If you want to change the name/change the breeding farm/sell your horse, just click the little plus sign to the right of your horse's name.

Links to the store when you don't have any horseshoes/saddles/bridles from the horse's page that will bring you back when you complete your purchase.

Pictures of each type of tack that your horse has.

Equestrian Center

The meadows page has changed; now you must click the plus sign before you can do anything.

You can do the same action to multiple meadows by clicking "Change meadows: +" and checking the boxes.


You don't need to be friends to give or receive gifts.

You may several items at once.

You can always accept gifts (no limits anymore!).

No more than one exchange with the same player per week.

10-30 days seniority- 2 trades weekly
More than 30- 3 trades per week
Pegasus account- 6 trades weekly


New small images.

You cannot add background colors anymore; if you had it before, it was removed.

You can buy it for 1 pass on the Black Market.