Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to improve your overall game play and ranking.

BLUPing and Training your horse

How it works is you should first BLUP (reach 100) your horse and then fully train it.

Black Market Items:

There are many BM items available to train your horse but only a few are needed. If you are worried about aging points, apply Morpheus’ Arms on at the age of three. Even though Water of Youth can appear useless, you can get in twice as much training. And finally, training will go much faster if using a Chronos’ Timer.

~At 8 months, when your horse can start playing games but can't start training yet, you can use the energy to increase the GP. 

~Start each day off with an hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes in pasture, grooming, salt block, and two lessons. The two lessons will be very helpful in the future since much more skill will be gained. However, training could take about a (Howrse) year longer.

~Start to train in the top three skills for training. If Dressage is one, wait until your closer to ending the training since a horse only needs 4% energy to train in Dressage. This means, if you have any bit of energy left over at the end of the day, some training can be done in Dressage.

~After training is almost done or is completed, enter your horse in the competitions dealing with its' top three skills. It will be very helpful to check the competing horses. If their skills are too high, try to find a different competition with lower-skilled horses, or start your own with your EC. Therefore, when it comes to winning twenty competitions for full BLUP, you’re almost there. Don’t forget to continue doing lessons!

~Your horse should be at, or close to, twenty competition wins. If it isn’t there yet, check the competing horses and enter if their skills are lower than your horse’s.

~Once your horse gets to 100 BLUP, you can finish training in it’s lower skills. Follow the same steps as above – complete rides, train, and enter competitions to get full gain.

~After all training is done, your horse should be about 12 to 13 years old, depending on how much training you got in for each year.

Earning Equus

It is a smart choice to follow the quests that are offered when you start, since you will get more equus. Put your horse in pasture more, and you can cut down on the cost of feeding. Be sure not to do this all the time though, for if the meadow is very clean, it could be bad for its' health. You can also resell some stuff to the store if you are desperate.

Two other easy ways are to stroke Xanthos, which could net you 1,000 equus or a Horn of Plenty if you are lucky, or stroke a horse in the Safe Haven. The Safe Haven is Breeding>>Office>>Safe Haven. Xanthos Links:

(Note: More links will be coming later! Please be patient!)

Crossbreeding can be a good or bad thing. You should try to mate horses with the same strengths to achieve the best skills. For example, Arabians, Brumbies, and Canadian horses all have a high level of Stamina, Galloping, Jumping, and Dressage, making them good cross breeders.